Kerala’s own martial art, KALARIPAYATTU Kalaripayattu, the most ancient among martial arts, and believed to be the forerunner of all other martial art techniques like karate, kung-fu etc, has its origin in Kerala. This traditional system of the art and technique of self-defence is widely in vogue today and has earned universal recognition. A person trained in Kalaripayattu was supposed to risk even his life for causes considered noble in those days. Qualities like courage, valour and confidence embodied in an austere sense of discipline was instilled along with the training. It is a must for those who practise this art to first worship the presiding deity of the Kalari or Kalari Paradevatha. Gurukkal or the chief instructor of Kalari is held in high esteem by the disciples. Floral worship and prayers are offered before the spaces in the Kalari ring dedicated to the gods and goddesses of war and weapons before commencing the feat. Apart from enhanced physical abilities, concentration, dedication, bravery and fearlessness are achieved over the years through rigourous training in this martial art.