WElCOMING THE MONSOON IN KERALA The monsoon season in Kerala is that wonderful time of the year when the southwest monsoon casts its spell over the land of coconuts for three months between June and September. And with it come the special travel treats and packages that are increasingly drawing visitors from outside the state. It is the best time to savour the delights of god’s own country, and indulge in traditional ayurveda to replenish the body and rejuvenate the soul. Ayurveda is a great option for the monsoons, as the rains engulf Kerala with their annual dose of wetness and lush green luxuriance. Kerala monsoon is the season of rainbows, rainclouds and raindrops. Monsoons, despite their inconvenience, are fun time. Swimming, splashing and wading through knee-deep waters and sailing paper boats are all part of the fun. The intoxicating smell of dry earth getting drenched, fan-plumed peacocks dancing with joy, mango flowers blooming in hope, the farmers rejoicing in the showers – all these and more form part and parcel of monsoontime. Kerala has every reason to celebrate the magical monsoon which comes as a welcome change following a sultry and dusty summer.