A hidden oasis in Varkala JUNE 16, 2010: The Bohemian Masala is a unique hidden oasis, a tropical private garden retreat located at Varkala, a famous beach destination in Kerala. As tourist attractions, the Arabian Sea and the North Cliff are just a minute’s walk away. There are twelve cottages here which include Cosmic Cottage and Universe Cottage whose architecture and design have been done by tribal folks using their own indigenous methods. The infrastructure is entirely handmade by the tribals who have plastered the walls and floors using ancient tribal techniques, utilizing natural materials such as herbs, mud, cow dung, clay, flowers etc. Each cottage, furnished with handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed wood, has a private lounge and verandah. The whole construction has been established as per the strict principles of Vaasthu, the traditional Indian science of harmonious living and home making. Its core inspiration comes from the bohemian artistes, philosophers, tribes, gypsies, musicians and poets who have been creators of history and contributors to a unique spiritual culture all along. Bohemian food is cooked and served at The Masala, representing spices that form the age-old, complex, historical culture of our country. The open kitchen restaurant offers fresh and authentic sea food cuisine prepared over wood. Wireless broadband is also available in the cottages and restaurant, which makes it an excellent workplace for designers, artistes and writers on the move. A yogic science and tribal spa facility rooted in holistic healing is under development for 2011. For further details, log onto www.thebohemianmasala.com.