Kerala.com participates in Workshop on Personality Development : Each of us has a unique personality, whether we have realized it or not. Some of us are shy, some of us are outgoing, some are always positive, while some others are serious all the time. Whatever our basic nature, it’s up to us to develop our strengths and resources to the fullest potential if we wish to be real achievers in life. It is to serve this purpose that personality development training is commonly held in educational institutions, offices and industries everywhere. The management of Kerala.com organized a one day empowerment & training workshop for the officials and staff of Kerala.com Web & Real Estate Depts. and Kerala Travel Division on Mar.21 at Hotel Park Central Inn, Kaloor. Specialist trainer and intervention architect KJ Jayanth, one of the co founders of Deekshamentors, corporate empowerment specialists, was the resource person. The sessions were informal and highly interactive, involving enthusiastic participation from team members. Mr.Jayanth employed a mix of ideology and pragmatism as well as religion and science in elaborating on the general and finer facets of personality development. He adopted the technique of asking the right questions in order to elucidate the desired responses from the participants. Covering a host of issues ranging from general down to the specifics, he touched upon the ingredients required for success in life. He talked about the power of dreams and their impact, on the importance of self commitment, staying motivated and so on. He highlighted the relevance of maintaining universal values like integrity, faith, conviction, courage etc in enhancing our personality. All of us know very well how important it is to set goals, plan, organize, take action and deliver results in order to achieve success. Then what’s preventing us from realizing our ambitions? Owe it to nothing but our negative mindset, indicative of the fear of failure, not wanting to overcome challenges, lack of motivation, clarity, direction and so on. For the environment to change, we need to bring in the change and for this, our outlook has to change. To make it big in life, we first need to learn to think big and dream big. He utilized elementary laws and rules in Maths and Science to explain the principles and practices that would determine the extent of success in career and homefront. Success formula : Offering hints in dream building, career planning, performance excellence and related topics, the emphasis was upon the practical aspect of applying these rules to gain optimum benefit. Drawing information from psychology sources, he dwelt on examples and instances from everyday life to substantiate his points. There was reference to the GIGO principle – good things in, good things out; and Pareto principle – 90%:10% factor – ten percent of our life is left to destiny while we can decide and control the factors contributing to the remaining ninety percent. He stressed on the need to identify one’s strengths and flaws, to learn from failures, to face challenges wisely and to see crises as opportunities. Conquering fear, making good choices, disciplining one’s life, taking calculated risks and working with new ideas are all part of the success formula, according to him. The resource person’s sanguine way of presentation peppered with humour kept the energy level of the team activated throughout. The team members found themselves engrossed in writing activity during the post lunch session. A series of questionnaires related to personal, family and career dreams, priorities, ambitions, contributions and achievements had to be answered. It was a kind of self evaluation therapy for the participants, helping them identify their influences, tastes, values, and philosophies. The idea was to reinforce the clarity of goals, priorities and perspectives in one’s career and personal life, and also to instill the drive to achieve success by overcoming negative tendencies. The group activity session which saw the participants divide themselves into groups to engage in the creative task of bridge building with a given set of tools, was a lesson in team spirit and healthy competition. The final session of the workshop was devoted to feedback and review, with a few members offering their views and comments on the training and how they benefited from it. Tips to remember: 1. Think and dream big always. 2. Change your mindset to accommodate changes in life. 3. Have clarity and conviction on your goals. 4. Believe in yourself and have faith. 5. Find a purpose in life. 6. Prioritize your needs and ambitions. 7. Stay focussed all the time. 8. Remain and act positive. 9. Never lose your integrity. 10. Once a decision is taken, stick to it. 11. Do not try to emulate others – be your own individual self. 12. Visualize success repeatedly. : Vanaja Varma


Balsu said...

Fantastic Start. Keep up the momentum. Remember "Mediocrity is Sin"