The Green Heritage of Kerala
The Western Ghats, that which include the major part of Kerala, are home to thousands of animal species including at least 325 globally threatened species. Many are endemic species, especially in the amphibian and reptilian classes.
Mammals: There are at least 139 mammal species. A critically endangered mammal of the Western Ghats is the nocturnal Malabar Large-spotted Civet. The arboreal Lion-tailed Macaque isendangered. Only 2500 of this species are remaining. The largest population of Lion tailed macacque is in Silent Valley National Park. Kudremukh National Park also protects a viable population.
These hill ranges serve as important wildlife corridors, allowing seasonal migration of endangered Asian Elephants. The Nilgiri Bio-sphere is home to the largest population of Asian Elephants and forms an important Project Elephant and Project Tiger reserve. Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuaries are important elephant habitats. Karnataka's Ghat areas hold over six thousand elephants (as of 2004) and ten percent of India's critically endangered tiger population.
The largest population of India's Tigers outside the Sundarbans is in the unbroken forests bordering Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The largest numbers and herds of vulnerable Gaur are found here with the Bandipur National Park and Nagarahole together holding over five thousand Gaur. To the west the forests of Kodagu hold sizeable populations of the endangeredNilgiri Langur. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and project tiger reserve in Chikmagalur has large populations of Indian muntjac. Many Asian Elephant, Gaur, Sambar, vulnerable Sloth Bears, Leopard, tiger and Wild Boars dwell in the forests of Kerala.
Bannerghatta National Park and Annekal reserve forest is an important elephant corridor connecting the forests of Tamil Nadu with those of Karnataka. Dandeli and Anshi national parks inUttara Kannada district are home to the Black Panther and normal variety of leopards and significant populations of Great Indian Hornbill. Bhimgad in Belgaum district is a proposed wildlife sanctuary and is home to the endemic critically endangered Wroughton's freetailed bat. the Krishnapur caves close by are one of only three places in the country where the little-knownTheobald's tomb bat is found. Large Lesser False Vampire bats are found in the Talevadi caves. We have recently published a video which show cases the mammals of Kerala in the video gallery of our travel website. Have a look at that Video and comment on it. Or else go to our website and watch the video