Karkkidaka Kanji - A medicinal treat The Malayalam month of Karkkidakam has just begun. It is the time when Keralites traditionally take a break from routine work to replenish their body and mind with Ayurvedic medicinal preparations, herbal health food and massages of different kinds. Karkkidaka kanji is a medicated food item that is taken in the month of Karkkidakam that falls during the peak of the southwest monsoon season. A time-honoured Kalari tradition, the Uzhichil is nothing but a physical rejuvenation method or a traditional way of servicing the body annually which was practised by our ancestors to maintain good health.A healthy diet was also included as part of the regimen and comprised Uluvakkanji, Karkkidaka kashayam, Navadhanyakoottu and other revitalizing homemade concoctions besides Karkkidaka kanji. Experienced vaidyans and other experts opine that most of the new generation lifestyle diseases among the youth crop up due to the lack of the annual maintenance, purification and rejuvenation of the body through time-tested methods.They recommend that the traditional way of healing and maintaining health be made part of the present day lifestyle. For more Click Here